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  1. When I was very young, my mother would take me to the needlework store, where the colored embroidery floss hung in color-sequenced bunches on a large pegboard. I was mesmerized. I should have known then, that distributing colors on a white background or painting would become the thing I do.

  2.  I once thought that I could say that I was a self-taught painter, but landscape painter David Dunlop said that none of us are self-taught, because we all have been influenced and thus taught by those painters who have gone before us. And Austin Kleon wrote, "They left their lesson plans in their work." So I stand corrected and have paid homage to my teachers by painting their portraits, as they did when they studied the masters, and I can’t be sued for copyright infringement because they are long gone. Besides, they understood the value of learning from copying.

     I’ve painted Velazquez and Hals because Carolus Duran told his pupil, John Sargent, “Etude Velazquez, Velazquez et Hals.” What’s good for Sargent has to be good for me. From Delacroix, I learned not to use black for it muddies the colors. From Anders Zorn, I learned to use black. From Turner, I learned that I need to try to create doubt. From Sargent, I learned to try to make the last brushstroke seem effortless, and from Sorolla, I’ve learned that I can never reproduce sunlight as it really is, though I believe that he could. Rembrandt, who wrote so very little, showed me that a painting is a story and thus there is no need for words. These are my heroes. I have studied them, some more than others, but the one thing they have in common are their beautiful brushstrokes, purposeful, elegant and perfect.

    I would be in remiss if I didn’t mention that I received a BFA from Eastern Michigan University in graphic design, and give credit to my first real drawing teacher, Mr. Paul Zenian, who taught me the power of gesture drawing and my friend in grade school, Froukje van der Meer, who mentioned back in sixth grade that eyes have irises. An eye opener. I have studied with David Dunlop, Mary White, Joshua LaRock and Dan Nelson, though I did not paint their portraits.

     My aim is to find dignity in my subjects' inner nature, to create beautiful brushstrokes and capture the effects of light as it falls upon the scene and to always wear a white collar. Did you notice how it catches the light so beautifully? 

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